💋Sail With Me Into Darkness💋

"She's Mommy's Little Monster So Don't Take Her Life Away"

"Hello Stranger, I'm A Disaster, This Brutal Love"

"Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell, Love And Hate"

"Die Die My Darling"

"Sex,Drugs, And Rock 'N' Roll"

Reasons to date me


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I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore.




i’m bored while doing my latin homework i am this close to translating the opening monologue to star trek into classical latin someone stop me quick

caelum. finito terminalis. is cursus est de commissi navistella. sui legatio quintus-annus - munduses ignotus novus exploro. lux nova et cultus novus sequor. cedo audacius quatenus homonis aput iit.

I have a serious problem.

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Anonymous asked: What's your relationship status?




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